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Our Guides

Our team of Green Badge Guides and highly knowledgeable Worcester Walks guides (trained by ourselves), all have a thorough knowledge of the history of Worcester and many years experience.

They enjoy sharing everything they know about the city they love in an entertaining but informative way.

Find out more about them below.

worcester guided walks tour guides miriam.jpg

Miriam (BEM)

Green Badge Guide

Miriam has been awarded the BEM (British Empire Medal) for her work with Worcester Walks.  In addition to leading walking tours around Worcester, she gives three of our specialised presentations at private venues.

worcester guided walks tour guides sandy.jpg


Green Badge Guide

Sandy is our Chairwoman - she helps to organise our group of guides and is extremely proud to have been born in Worcester. Her enthusiasm comes across in all of the Worcester walks she leads and presentations she gives.

worcester guided walks tour guides robert.jpg


Green Badge Guide

Robert is steeped in the history of Worcester. He was born and bred in the city and his enthusiasm and knowledge of its history is second to none.

mum for website.jpg


Worcester Walks Guide

Although born in Malvern (10 miles from Worcester), Marguerite has spent most of her life in the city of Worcester.  She has always been fascinated by the history of the area and enjoys sharing the details with visitors to the city.

anne (1).jpg


Worcester Walks Guide

Although Anne does not hail from Worcester, she has lived here for almost 40 years and has developed a deep interest for Worcester and its history. Since retiring, she is able to share this love with visitors to the city.

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